From a Blue Lion to an Invasion of Penguins

Posted on March 20, 2012


One of the best things about doing this “arbetspraktik”, which is a sort of on-the-job-training, is doing crafts with the kids. No one really told me that that is my assigned task but almost everyday I find myself cutting, painting and gluing the day away. It all started with this conversation that I had with a three-year-old boy:

Me: What’s your favourite animal?

Boy: Lion!

Me: Have you seen a lion before?

Boy: Yes, at the zoo and it was this big (spreading his arms).

Me: What colour was it?

Boy: Blue… I want to make a lion!!

When he said that he wanted to make a lion, he said it like it was the best idea ever. I wasn’t quite sure how I could help him make a lion but there was a pile of paper in the carpentry and crafting room  so I figured we could make a lion’s face out of a blue construction paper. He saw a blue lion, remember? After cutting a circle and helping him draw a lion’s face in it, I asked him to give it a mane with a pair of scissors, which he made by following the straight lines that I drew around the circles edge.

One of the teachers thought our lion turned out nice and gave us toilet paper rolls and wine corks so we could make the lion’s body and legs. The little boy, however, was already quite satisfied and happy with his lion. Not wanting to throw away the toilet paper rolls, I thought we could make penguins with them instead. The kids loved the penguins so much, we ended up running out of toilet paper rolls! Fortunately, the toddlers’ department got loads of them.

We just wrapped the toilet paper roll in construction paper then we cut out the penguins eyes, beak, wings, feet and tummy, and glued them in place. Here’s a photo of one of the penguins that we made:


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