Milk Carton Castle

Posted on March 25, 2012


What I like most about doing crafts is that it encourages a child to be creative. Seeing how they could transform a toilet paper roll or a piece of construction paper into something pretty and exciting with a little bit of imagination has made the kids in school realise that there’s no limit to creativity. One time, a three-year-old girl in school grabbed a construction paper, a pair of scissors and glue then sat next to me. When I asked her what she was going to do, she replied that she was going to make a horse. I had no idea how she was planning to make a horse but after a few minutes she was holding her paper horse.


The kids come up with different things they want to make. One of the girls wanted to make a castle one morning and asked me if I could help her figure out how to make one. I looked around and saw the milk cartons in the recycling corner. The kids had already used the bottom part of the cartons in planting bell peppers so we made do with the remaining bits of carton.


We just wrapped the milk cartons in construction paper. We cut and glued details like doors and windows to the milk cartons while a toilet paper roll made a good tower!



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