Finding Calligraphy Again

Posted on May 17, 2012


When I told my first boss, during my job interview, that my special skill is in calligraphy she gave me a disappointed look and said that it’s a skill that’s useless in the age of computers. I know it was stupid but I did feel dreadful and disheartened. I did get the job but I sort of lost interest in calligraphy and the only time I practised it after that interview was when friends asked me to write for them.

About a month ago, I was thinking of ways to spend my spare time and started thinking about calligraphy. I decided to give it another go since it is after all a cheap hobby. So I went out to buy some pens and borrow a book from the library. A decade after that job interview, I found pleasure in calligraphy again.

Although I did make some mistakes and didn’t follow the rules in the letters’ sizes, I was quite happy with the end result.


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